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Want CHAS, Constructionline or Safecontractor accrediation?

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As the HSE recognises these SSIP schemes, they can be very useful to gain more work or win more Tenders / Bids.

These construction-related accreditation schemes are often required when working for larger Clients. In fact, without one of these Certificates, you may never get past the Pre-Qualification stage for tenders and bids.

Although a lengthy nightmare, Safety is the Key regularly helps small businesses pass these accreditations. We can take the stress out of the process and get you a Pass Certificate so you can get on with your business and apply for more contracts, tenders and bids.

Our "Get Passed Fast Package" costs just £99 a month. Your application will be prepared, checked and submitted (to CHAS, Safecontractor or Constructionline as you choose - or even all three) and we will follow up to get you a Pass Certificate as quickly as possible. We can even provide simple Template Forms and Checklist to help you improve your health and safety. 

Want CHAS, Safecontractor or Constructionline? email us: [email protected]

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